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piZap is a photo editor, collage maker, and design tool with which users can edit, collage, design, and touch up images. One can add texts, borders, and stickers, use the basic or advanced tools, add filters and effects


pizap logoTo rank as a top 10 photo app in Apple & Google app stores.


Working directly with the CEO, we identified our buyer personas and targeted keywords. Next, we followed app description best practices to refine copy to attract, convert and delight new app users.

What the client as to say

“Susan is worth every penny!” -Sam Crisco, CEO

app store description


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Any small business, no matter the industry, can benefit from content that provides value to its prospects. Chances are you have a heap of great information just waiting to be repackaged! Utilize your resources and start nurturing the right kind of leads to help increase the bottom line. Contact me for a free consultation.