7 Reasons You Need Google+ | Social Media Strategy

By Susan Tucker, Get-It-Done Guru, Get Susan Marketing Services Why Google+? 7 Reasons You Need Google+ Business Think Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn are enough?  Not really. Here are my seven reasons why you need to sign up for Google+ for your business … today! It’s new, it’s fresh, and it’s the more interesting place to […]

The Brand of You

Blog, November 2010 The business world is a changing place. Long gone are the days when we would work for the same company our entire career, expect to retire on a pension and live happily ever after. In an uncertain economy with companies folding left and right, people have realized that nothing is forever and […]

The Twitterverse is Changing

November 2010 Starbucks, Virgin and Red Bull are psyched! They’re the first marketers to have the ability to drop advertising in a users’ Twitter stream – even if they’re not being followed. I’ve been waiting for this. An avid user of social networking sites (and marketing executive), I knew it was just a matter of […]