How to Use Social Media in Less Than 3 Hours Per Week

The number one question (comment) I get when people find out that I’m an inbound and social media marketing specialist is, “Susan, I know my company should be on Facebook/Twitter/Pinterest/LinkedIn/InsertLatestSMFadHere but, who has TIME for it all?” My question is “How can you not MAKE time for it?” Ok, ok, now I realize coming from […]

A Social Media Junkie's Five Favorite Apps

[This article appeared in the March 2013 issue of App User Magazine.] It’s true; I am a social media junkie (aka, SMJ). I love the way social media allows us to stay connected. I love how I can access a barrage of information at any given moment. Yet, I also love time with my family. […]

Are You in a Quandary Over Quora? Don't be.

I’m a self-professed social media junkie. I cannot tell you how many accounts I have signed up for with the thought that I would be at the forefront of the “new” Facebook or Twitter. However, staying on top of all the latest and greatest social media offerings is tiresome, not to mention, the majority of […]

Social Media for Small Business Owners: The Basics

I was invited to present in the Leading Edge Class with the Boulder Small Business Development Center last night… it was so fun! There were many great questions asked, so I figured I would dedicate a blog post to my topic (and perhaps expand a little.) Here is an overview of my presentation: Social Media: […]

Momentum Business Consulting

I have been working with Mo for the past six months or so for my own personal business and recently she has invited me to manage her social media. So, welcome Momentum Business Consulting! Momentum Business Consulting is a firm dedicated to providing affordable and realistic marketing consulting.  MBC specializes in helping small to medium […]

7 Reasons You Need Google+ | Social Media Strategy

By Susan Tucker, Get-It-Done Guru, Get Susan Marketing Services Why Google+? 7 Reasons You Need Google+ Business Think Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn are enough?  Not really. Here are my seven reasons why you need to sign up for Google+ for your business … today! It’s new, it’s fresh, and it’s the more interesting place to […]

The Brand of You

Blog, November 2010 The business world is a changing place. Long gone are the days when we would work for the same company our entire career, expect to retire on a pension and live happily ever after. In an uncertain economy with companies folding left and right, people have realized that nothing is forever and […]

The Twitterverse is Changing

November 2010 Starbucks, Virgin and Red Bull are psyched! They’re the first marketers to have the ability to drop advertising in a users’ Twitter stream – even if they’re not being followed. I’ve been waiting for this. An avid user of social networking sites (and marketing executive), I knew it was just a matter of […]