How To Choose The Right Social Media Marketing Sites for Your Small Business

One of the most important social media marketing tips I’d like to share with you is that you don’t have to be on every single social media channel. In fact, it could work against you to be on certain channels. Why? Because it takes time to do them right, you could spread yourself too thin and […]

5 Digital Marketing Ideas to Embrace in 2015

Digital marketing is a world of crazy changes. It seems like every single day we are presented with new tools to help us become more successful in our online marketing endeavors. Even as tapped into the “latest and greatest” as I am, it’s still hard to determine which choices will be the best. However, there […]

Preparing Your 2015 Digital Marketing Action Plan Now

By Susan Tucker Planning season is upon us! Have you thought about your Digital Marketing Action Plan for 2015 yet? If not, I am here to help. With all the SEO changes of the past several years, one thing we have learned for sure: the fresher the content you put out, the more successful your digital marketing […]

10 Awesome Content Marketing Tips for Small Business

By Susan Tucker In a perfect world, small business owners could rely on word-of-mouth and basic marketing techniques to accomplish their revenue goals. However, in the past few years, as consumer intelligence has grown and with the constant availability of information by searching online,  SEO has become the base component by which to be found by potential […]

5 Web-Design Mistakes Which Negatively Affect Your Online Marketing Efforts

Guest post by Luke Peters Websites for businesses are created for the sole purpose of generating leads. It is the owner or a marketing professional’s duty to upkeep and maintain the website of the organization and allows features that enhance the number of leads. Since the dawn of the internet age and the growing number […]

Crafting Perfect Social Content

By Susan Tucker It can get overwhelming, not to mention confusing, trying to figure out the best social content to share and where, especially with all the constant changes on social media sites. However, being aware of all the different types of content – text-based, images, videos, micro-videos, slides, infographics, etc – that can be […]

Top 10 Social Media Best Practices

Social media is a powerful tool for engaging with prospects, colleagues, tire-kickers, employees and potential investors. What began many years ago as a way for family and friends to stay connected has certainly turned marketing on its head. But, folks are still confused about the best way to use social media for brand engagement. This […]

Super-Easy Blogging Tips for Growing Businesses

By Susan Tucker Have you noticed how every brand from Apple to Zillow seems to have a blog these days? I’ll bet you’ve started wondering if blogging is right for you? Or maybe you’ve dabbled in the idea of blogging for business but haven’t quite figured it out yet. As a small business owner you may be […]

15 Social Networking Sites for Business Professionals

By Susan Tucker Curious about all the sites out there geared to the business professional? Here are 15 to get you moving in the right direction.  For the most efficient use of your time with social media marketing, it’s best to explore your buyers with a Buyer Persona, that will help you determine the best […]

How to Use Vine in Your Small Business Marketing

By Susan Tucker The evolution of social media is fascinating to watch. I especially love the growing emphasis on visual content. Micro-videos? Heck yeah! Instagram (which is part of Facebook) and Vine (which is operated by Twitter), are two growing services that allow users to upload short video feeds and clips. While this is a fun […]