Case Studies

Three Bakers Gluten Free Products Digital Marketing Strategy & Development The following is a case study highlighting Get Susan Marketing’s Digital Marketing Program for The Three Bakers brand. June 2016 Three Bakers Gluten Free Bakery is craft bakery, and family business, based in Moscow, Pennsylvania. Founded in 2008 by Jane and Dan Trygar after Jane was diagnosed with celiac […]

Online Courses

Digital marketing is a fast-moving beast. Just when you think you’ve mastered blogging, Google throws out an algorithm change and all your hard work now has to be completely revamped. Or, maybe you finally figured out Facebook, but then Snapchat seems to be all the rage. The fact of the matter is that digital marketing […]


Looking for the tools to succeed online, for your small business? Then, I’m here to help! In this section, I will be adding some tools and resources to help guide you in the world of digital marketing. Don’t see something you’re looking for… email me! I’m here to guide you through your digital marketing experience and […]


Let’s Work Together Digital Marketing Services Are you frustrated and overwhelmed by digital marketing? Do the terms, PPC, CTA, Meta, Impressions and “inbound marketing” make your head swim? Are you wondering how you can make your website and social media channels bring in real, quality leads? Then it may be time to work with a […]

New Social Media Sites Small Business Owners Can’t Ignore

Small business owners are constantly on the lookout for ways in which to grow and prosper, as such, social media is becoming more and more of a requirement rather than a fun little side project. While most owners are really beginning to understand the power of platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest, there are plenty of […]

4 Surefire Ways to Get to Know Your Customers

Whether starting a business or trying to grow and expand your existing business, there is undoubtedly going to be ton of research involved. From staying on top of industry trends to better understanding your competitors; from determining best pricing to your legal designation… there is a lot to learn! But with all of this research of […]

How Social Media Marketing Is Set to Change in 2016

Hard to believe the first month of 2016 is nearly over (didn’t it just begin?) and even as I type this, tactics, strategies and options in the world of social media are changing. I know as a small business owner you’re not only on the lookout for the most effective use of your digital marketing […]

6 Reasons Twitter Still Rocks

Twitter is practically a grandfather in the social media sphere these days. Having been around and active since 2006, this platform has gone around the block a few times. And, just like George Clooney, who has only gotten better with age, Twitter still remains one of the hottest platforms for growing your small business. Here’s […]

How To Choose The Right Social Media Marketing Sites for Your Small Business

One of the most important social media marketing tips I’d like to share with you is that you don’t have to be on every single social media channel. In fact, it could work against you to be on certain channels. Why? Because it takes time to do them right, you could spread yourself too thin and […]

5 Digital Marketing Ideas to Embrace in 2015

Digital marketing is a world of crazy changes. It seems like every single day we are presented with new tools to help us become more successful in our online marketing endeavors. Even as tapped into the “latest and greatest” as I am, it’s still hard to determine which choices will be the best. However, there […]