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The content marketing goal for Cottage & Bungalow is to work from an ongoing strategic content plan focusing on keyword-rich topics, while also providing information that the target audience finds useful and relevant. Content is shared through the blog, Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest.


We built a content plan by first conducting a buyer persona analysis in order to determine segments in our key audience. Next, we conducted a content audit, did keyword research, and competitive analysis. Once we gathered our intel, we created a content calendar focusing on the seasonality of the business, special events, content relevant to our Buyer Personas, and where they are in their Buyers Journey.  

The content calendar is revisited every 90 days with tweaks for improvement based on organic search and social engagement.


Over the course of six months:

  • Website sales increased by 27%
  • Facebook followers by increased 62%
  • Organic blog traffic increased by more than 100%


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Could It Work For You?

Any small business, no matter the industry, can benefit from content that provides value to its prospects. Chances are you have a heap of great information just waiting to be repackaged! Utilize your resources and start nurturing the right kind of leads to help increase the bottom line. That’s the kind of small business marketing you need! Contact me for a free consultation.