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BBB Seed sells nationally available wildflower, heirloom & organic vegetable, and herb seeds.


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The digital marketing goal for BBB Seed was to convert followers from their robust social media following to email subscribers by offering something of value they would opt-in for.


After a content audit (BBB Seed has an ongoing blog), we determined a list of categories in which we could develop a series of eBooks.  We then form-gated the content and crafted a sequence of follow-up emails, the last one of which included a coupon code. The premium content is promoted through the BBB Seed website and on BBB Seed’s social channels.


Opt-in contacts increased by 63%, coupon redemption increased by 158%, and, best of all, gross revenue has increased by 31% YTD (2016).

What The Client Had to Say

“The eBooks you have created for us are terrific! It gives our company a whole New Professional Look! And, best of all sales are up over the previous three years. Thank you!” – Mike Wade, CEO, BBB Seed, Boulder, CO



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Could It Work For You?

Any small business, no matter the industry, can benefit from content that provides value to its prospects. Chances are you have a heap of great information just waiting to be repackaged! Utilize your resources and start nurturing the right kind of leads to help increase the bottom line. Contact me for a free consultation.