6 Reasons Twitter Still Rocks

Twitter is practically a grandfather in the social media sphere these days. Having been around and active since 2006, this platform has gone around the block a few times. And, just like George Clooney, who has only gotten better with age, Twitter still remains one of the hottest platforms for growing your small business. Here’s […]

10 Tips for Twitter Marketing to Increase Leads and Sales

It is well established that social media is a valuable tool. How could it NOT be when people all over the planet use it to stay connected.  Entrepreneurs, small business owners and big brands alike have begun to harness the power of social media to stay connected to clients and to turn potential customers into leads […]

The Twitterverse is Changing

November 2010 Starbucks, Virgin and Red Bull are psyched! They’re the first marketers to have the ability to drop advertising in a users’ Twitter stream – even if they’re not being followed. I’ve been waiting for this. An avid user of social networking sites (and marketing executive), I knew it was just a matter of […]

Small Business Marketing Tips: 5 Steps to Saving Cash

Big brands spend an enormous amount of money on advertising and marketing, but as a solo entrepreneur or small business owner, you don’t have to do the same. You can market your business just as effectively on a shoestring budget by utilizing some basic free or low-cost marketing tactics.

The Biggest Social Media Time Wasters and How to Get Rid of Them

Managing your social media so that you get results takes a great deal of time. But, there are many distractions that whittle it away on activities that produce zero results. Don’t get sucked in when you’ve got other, more pressing priorities. Here are the biggest time wasters on social media and how you can avoid […]

Creating a Successful Website for Your Business: The Best Tips

Thank you to Emily Graham for contributing today’s post.  Creating a successful website for a business involves many parts, some more complicated than others. These days, it’s about more than simply making a place for your customers to find you; you also want to find more customers, as well as make your services or product […]


During my time as a digital marketer, I have discovered some pretty awesome resources. I’m excited to share these small business marketing resources here with you! Here are my favorite (free or nearly free) tools to help you along the way. Social Media Management Using a social media management dashboard is going to save your […]

3 Ways To Get Started With Social Media Marketing Metrics

How do you know if what you’re doing on social media is getting the results you want? The way to know for sure is to monitor your results using an analytics program. You can use the native metrics the social media platform offers, or choose an analytical tool.

Do You Know the Newsjacking Trick for Getting Your Emails Opened?

Newsjacking allows you to piggyback a viral news story for massive engagement. Author and marketer David Meerman Scott coined the newsjacking term. He explains it as “the process of leveraging trending news to elevate your brand’s message.” This practice also gives your offer credibility when done properly. So just when do you high-jack newsworthy events […]

It’s Not Social Media Marketing (It’s Just Marketing!)

The past couple of years have seen the exponentially expanding technology bubble that has allowed small business owners to really embrace social media. Instagram has created Brand Pages, Pinterest has rolled out Advertising, and Facebook continues to gather powerful data levelling the playing field between big brands and mom and pop shops. It’s truly remarkable […]