Grow Your Small Business Through LinkedIn – Here's How!

By Susan Tucker For small business owners, Linkedin can be a powerful tool. Quality connections are being made every single day. I bet you thought LinkedIn was just a passive digital resume… well, it’s not anymore and if you’re a small business owner not utilizing the functions and features of this fantastic platform, you are […]

LinkedIn Wants Your Blog Posts

By Susan Tucker LinkedIn recently made a big announcement – all members using their platform now have the same publishing power as Bill Gates, Richard Branson and other well-known Influencers. So, what does this mean for you? Longform Publishing on LinkedIn This new blogging tool is a feature that you can add to your personal […]

8 Ways to Power Up Your LinkedIn Company Page

LinkedIn recently sent out an email highlighting best LinkedIn Company pagesof 2013. It’s no surprise that I’m a big fan of LinkedIn as a part of a small business owner’s social media strategy … especially if you’re B2B.  But, clients always ask me about whether a LinkedIn Company Page is necessary and better yet, how […]

How to Use LinkedIn for Leads

I’ll bet you didn’t know that LinkedIn is 277% better for lead generation than other social networks. Long gone are the days of simply uploading your resume and leaving it at that. LinkedIn has become a living, breathing, lead-generating machine for professionals from all walks of life and in every type of industry. Here are some […]

Small Business Marketing Tips: 5 Steps to Saving Cash

Big brands spend an enormous amount of money on advertising and marketing, but as a solo entrepreneur or small business owner, you don’t have to do the same. You can market your business just as effectively on a shoestring budget by utilizing some basic free or low-cost marketing tactics.


During my time as a digital marketer, I have discovered some pretty awesome resources. I’m excited to share these small business marketing resources here with you! Here are my favorite (free or nearly free) tools to help you along the way. Social Media Management Using a social media management dashboard is going to save your […]

3 Ways To Get Started With Social Media Marketing Metrics

How do you know if what you’re doing on social media is getting the results you want? The way to know for sure is to monitor your results using an analytics program. You can use the native metrics the social media platform offers, or choose an analytical tool.

It’s Not Social Media Marketing (It’s Just Marketing!)

The past couple of years have seen the exponentially expanding technology bubble that has allowed small business owners to really embrace social media. Instagram has created Brand Pages, Pinterest has rolled out Advertising, and Facebook continues to gather powerful data levelling the playing field between big brands and mom and pop shops. It’s truly remarkable […]

4 Digital Marketing Tips That Will Set Your Small Business Apart

By now you’ve probably heard it enough to know that in today’s digital age every business must have an online presence in order to effectively reach current and potential customers. Particularly small businesses, which don’t have the benefit of widespread brand recognition. Now that the public is exposed to more media than any time in history. The […]