Poor Conversion Rates? It Could be Time for a Website Content Review

The content on your website is what builds relationships with your audience and leads them to take the action you want them to take. If your website isn’t working to achieve this goal, there’s a good chance the problem is your content. Sometimes, you need to conduct a review and make the necessary changes to improve your website’s performance.

How to Review Website Content

Define the Purpose of Each Page

Start by taking each page and defining its purpose. For example, your home page should direct people to the specific information for which they are looking. Your product page should lead people to buy, and your blog provides helpful information with links to your information product. When analyzing pages, create a spreadsheet to help you organize the information.

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Study Your Analytics

Look at your website analytics. Use a simple and free program thatís easy to understand. What you’re trying to find out is how long people stay on each page and where they go next. Google’s free analytics tool is more than enough for this purpose.

If you’ve identified a purpose for each page, you could track whether visitors are doing what you wanted them to do. Are they taking action on pages where you call them to act? Are they spending time on your blog pages reading your posts? Use analytics to determine whether people are taking the action you want them to take. If they’re not, it means you need to figure out why and update.

Identify Your Greatest Hits

Analytics will also tell you which pieces of content are performing best. Look at the pages people spend the most time on. These are the topics your audience is most interested in. For example, if you have a blog on coaching and some posts on hosting webinars for marketing, this is an excellent topic for which to create more content.

Is Everything Up to Date?

As you go through your content, make sure everything is up to date. Look for gaps that would be helpful to fill. As part of your review, you might want to do some light editing and tweaks in the wording. Correct any typos you find, and keep an eye out for anything that is inaccurate or off-brand.

Check out the Competition

As part of your review, look at some competitors’ websites. You can compare and see how yours stacks up. You may also get ideas on how to improve your site or see areas theyíre not covering that you can cover to differentiate yourself.

Create an Action Plan

The purpose of a website content audit isn’t just to have a look at your siteís performance. After analyzing its performance, create a detailed action plan. Identify goals for your site. Knowing what you now know about its performance, what do you need to do to increase engagement?

How often should you do a content review? The best practice is to conduct a review at least once a year, but you can’t audit and optimize your site too often.

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