Get Cyber Secure – Encryption Technology in the Palm of Your Hand

If there’s one thing I’m not, it’s techy-geeky-cool. I’ll be the first one to admit that when topics like “encryption technology” or “data sensitivity” come up, my eyes start to water and my brain shuts off. However, I was recently having a conversation with a connection of mine, and he said a few things that made sense… and frankly made me a little scared. Let’s talk about cybersecurity.

Cybersecurity for Small Business

What is Cybersecurity?

According to Wikipedia, “Cybersecurity, computer security or IT security is the protection of computer systems from theft of or damage to their hardware, software or electronic data, as well as from disruption or misdirection of the services they provide.” That’s pretty much everything related to your computer, and in our digitally-demanding world, that’s pretty much everything in general.

Do Small Businesses Need Protection?

Do you use a computer to store or share data? Then, Yes! In fact, the New York Times published an article not too long ago outlining all the reasons why security threats are growing among small businesses, mainly because they are likely to have fewer resources with which to protect themselves than large enterprises.

Here are a few more reasons why you need to consider additional protection: password protection is not enough anymore, malware attacks are on the rise and even running a business in the cloud puts you at risk!

What is the Easiest Way to Protect Files?

4usb-268x300Encryption technology. For decades, encryption has primarily been thought of as an advanced form of data security used only with large enterprises. However, with technological advancements, now anyone can have access to encryption technology. In fact, I want to introduce you to the BlackSquare Enigma tool.

Enigma is the hardware encryption solution to encrypt critical files and folders everywhere they’re stored and wherever they travel.

What is Enigma?

BlackSquare Enigma has the look and feel of a thumb drive, but it’s NOT a thumb drive!

Enigma delivers patented, real-time USB hardware encryption and decryption to satisfy the need for simple yet secure encryption.

Whether your data is stored on your hard drive, an external storage device or in the cloud, it’s more vulnerable than ever. Laptops and thumb drives can be lost or stolen. Networks and cloud storage apps can be penetrated and compromised. BlackSquare Enigma is a simple, safe and secure way to protect your data from these potentially damaging threats.

Data breaches and monitoring have become much more prevalent and sophisticated, frequent and costly.  Whether your data is stored on your hard drive, backup drive, USB thumb drive or in the cloud, it’s more valuable than ever. BlackSquare Enigma is a simple, safe and secure way to protect your data from these daunting threats!” BlackSquare Technologies.

As a small business owner, you likely have customers entrusting you with sensitive information. A single data breach can break that trust, and possibly totally destroy your business. Your job as a keeper of information is to protect your company, your information and most importantly your customers. Enigma makes it easy to encrypt sensitive information so you can confidentially continue doing business in a computer-dependent world.

Interested in trying out Enigma? They have offered a special deal to Get Susan readers – save $40 when you use the code gs159 at checkout! Grab yours here and start protecting your valuable data!


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