3 Easy Email Marketing Tips for Small Business

Reaching your customers through email marketing is an affordable, effective way to grow your business. But it takes some work – and savvy – to make sure your approach is effectively reaching potential and current customers.


How important of a marketing approach, is it? Anyone who shares an email address with you is likely to convert into a customer, if they already haven’t.

So here are some email marketing tips for small business to keep in mind:

1. Content Matters (like a lot)

Getting a solid email address list that’s filled with potential customers is a good first step. But it won’t do you much good if you’re not sending them the kind of content they will find engaging and informative.

Something to keep in mind is segmentation and personalization, particularly if you’re sending different emails to different groups. With segmentation, you can target certain subscribers or potential customers without sending them to the larger group. The important point of segmentation is that you can provide relevant content that will keep your audience engaged.

Your content should be engaging and succinct. Make sure key points are easily scannable. Say what you need to say and don’t ramble on with words that stray from the main point. You should also always include a call-to-action – which could include a discount, a downloadable offer, a suggestion to follow you on social media channels or to simply contact you.

2. Consistency is Key

It’s important to establish and follow a publishing calendar that will remind you when it’s time to send your next newsletter/email. Don’t let weeks – or months – lapse without sending anything, because your subscribers may forget about you. Plan ahead and give yourself plenty of time to meet your publishing deadline.

3. Make it Easily “Digestible”

This tip goes beyond creating engaging, punchy copy that gets to the point, but also addresses the issue of the reader’s time and attention. Breaking up your content into shorts sections or paragraphs, with subheadings and images, will make it easier for subscribers to scan through the copy.

If you’re sending a long email, consider adding a ‘read more’ link to give customers a chance to finish the content at their convenience.

Email marketing is changing every single day, the faster you hone in on what your customers are looking for, the faster you’ll get results.

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