5 Web-Design Mistakes Which Negatively Affect Your Online Marketing Efforts

Guest post by Luke Peters

Websites for businesses are created for the sole purpose of generating leads. It is the owner or a marketing professional’s duty to upkeep and maintain the website of the organization and allows features that enhance the number of leads. Since the dawn of the internet age and the growing number of internet users in the last 10 years, internet has become billion dollar marketplace. It has thus become essential for new and old businesses to promote their products and services on the internet. A website not only provides your prospects with the details about your business but also makes an important impression on the customer. While website designing isn’t exactly rocket science there are some commonly found mistakes that severely affect the scalability of your online business.

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web design mistakes

Too Much Text

Let’s face it; people hate too much reading when using the internet. While content based marketing has become a thriving industry, it is important for the business owners or the marketing personnel must make sure to avoid lengthy sentences and use bullet point where ever possible. The major reason for the popularity of the internet is the visual experience it provided. The amount of text on a page should be balanced with the use of images to make it more visually appealing.

Too Many Advertisements

Excess of everything is bad and this holds true for a website as well. While pay-per-click advertising may have provided the website owners with a great way of earning money, too many advertisements and too little content can drive the most loyal of customers away from your website. Additionally too many animated advertisements can also lead to slowed down pages on slower connections and can affect the quality of your website and cause major loss of leads.

Non-Functional Navigation

It is essential for business owners to test their website out properly and fixing all the navigation issues. The user not only rates the website according to its looks but also its user-friendliness. If the pages on your website are hard to navigate and work slow due to the excess of loading data or the lack of a proper navigational panel, it is likely that the user will never return to your website. There is nothing more frustrating than a website that doesn’t load properly.

Fixed Font Size

What’s the point of creating content when the users cannot read it properly? Internet users come of all age and it is common for several users to adjust the size of the font before going further. If the size is fixed to ‘tiny’ it can lead to the users above the age of 40 to lose interest in the website. A good website with smooth navigation and readability makes a lasting impression on your prospects and will increase the lead generation by a great degree.

Too Flashy And Eye Straining Web Pages

It is a common issue with business owners to poorly choose the color layout of the website. While the color scheme and the flashiness amount depends on the nature of the website and the audience it caters, it is often advised for most business related websites to keep it as simple and elegant as possible. The use of excessively bright colors can look attractive but can put a lot of strain on the eyes leading to loss in the visitor’s interest.

Website designing is an important task for every business and ignorance on any part can result in heavy losses. If you have decided to promote your business via online marketing, an elegant and functional website is a must to attract more and more prospects that increase the scalability of your business.

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Luke Peters is an avid reader of various internet articles, blogs and books on finance, law, marketing etc. He is currently a contributor to Mediagroupswitzerland.com. He has contributed several articles on the respective topics as well and likes to explore each topic in detail.


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