[Press Release] UpcyclePost.com Launches an Online Photo Gallery Designed to Inspire Reuse and Upcycling

Issaquah, WA — July 29, 2014 — UpcyclePost is pleased to announce the launch of its first website module The UpcyclePost Gallery (www.upcyclepost.com), a place to inspire artisans and consumers of upcycled, recycled, repurposed and reused materials. The gallery features over a thousand images of products including artwork, jewelry, fashion, furniture and toys that have been manufactured using recycled materials, saving thousands of tons of waste going to overcrowded landfills, and creating value for consumers where previously none existed.

upcycle post

“For years, I’ve wanted to share my passion for creating value from items that were going to be discarded,” said UpcyclePost co-founder, Mark Howe. “I see reuse as essential for humanity going forward. For UpcyclePost, the launch of the gallery is the first step in the company’s effort to create a fully functional marketplace for upcyclers.”

The company is committed to becoming the focal point on the Internet for all things upcycled. With the launch of the gallery the company is now moving rapidly down a path that will lead to a feature-rich collaborative community that caters to artisans who manufacture products from recycled materials, and to consumers who want to add their own content to an inspiring site promoting sustainability.

The convergence of climate change, resource constraints and economic shifts, combined with collaborative community technology, are creating an opportunity to accelerate the process of bringing upcycling to the mainstream.

Co-founder Rich Lancaster added, “Our vision is to encourage a less wasteful society by creating an online platform that fulfills the needs of a community of small and home-based businesses, and consumers who are seeking to purchase sustainable products.”

upcycle postUpcyclePost is a privately owned Issaquah, WA-based company that provides a collaborative community for artisans and consumers of products made from recycled materials.

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