7 Ways Fire Up Your Summer Marketing

By Susan Tucker

The heat is cranking up and the kids are hitting the pools. For some small business owners, such as the ice cream man and travel concierge, this is awesome-time. However for the rest of us, with people taking well deserved time off (too bad we can’t all live like the Europeans!), summer slowdown can also feel tight to the bottom line.

summer marketing

However, it doesn’t have to! Not with these ways to fire up summer marketing.

1 – Go where the people are

Festivals, fairs, events, gatherings…. if you have products to sell, set up a vendor space. If you have services, contact the event coordinators to see if you can slide your business card or flyer in festival bags, or align with a product vendor for a combo offer.

2 – Treat your clients

Summers can be a fun time to host a cookout or take your clients out for Friday afternoon cocktails. Use the more relaxed season to keep your connections alive. For VIP’s consider a more intimate gathering such a small group trip to a baseball game or at a local restaurant.

3 – Think mobile.

Consumers are on the go! But, they likely will not be disconnected. In fact according to a recent Pew report, 67% of cell owners find themselves checking their phone for messages, alerts, or calls — even when they don’t notice their phone ringing or vibrating. If you have not jumped on the mobile bandwagon, this could be the time! Ways to use mobile marketing could be with gaming ads, through Facebook, by including a QR code in a magazine ad, and making sure your website is mobile optimized.

4 – Community involvement

Other, more busy, times of the year can make it tough to get involved with your community. Take advantage of the slower, summer schedule by donating some of your time to your community. Get the entire team (and even clients!) on board. Stuck on ideas? Check out this article on 60 Ways to Better Your Community

5 – Get Seasonal

Finding yourself knee deep in sunscreen, bug-spray and flip-flops at home? Take the seasonality into your business. Consider summer-y schwag such as branded Frisbees and beach balls to give away at your summer events; freshen up your website with lively colors or create a summer-themed newsletter.

6 – Host Contests

People just love winning things. If you are a product-focused company, host a contest of customers using your products while on vacation – have them snap a selfie and upload it to your Facebook page. Don’t offer products? No problem! Your contest could be a Caption This or Vote For Our New Service contest.

7 – Revamp, Revitalize, Renew

Sales may be slow during the summer, but they won’t be always. Use the downtime to strategize for your busier seasons. Sometimes strategy comes in the form of laying by the pool. You never know what kind of good ideas will come along when you’re totally relaxed. 🙂

Are summers slower for you? How do you use the time to help your business the rest of the year? I’d love to hear! Please share your tips below.

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