How to Optimize Your Facebook Fan Page with the New Timeline

By Susan Tucker

That Facebook! They’re at it again. Earlier this month they announced they will begin rolling out a streamlined look for Pages. Now, I know a lot of folks get frustrated with change, but me? I like to take the opportunity to make sure all my ducks are in a row and revisit what I have going, then make necessary updates.

Here are some quick tips to insure your Facebook Fan Page is optimized, too.

Update Your Company Info

Be sure all the information on your profile is current; you can view this info in the About link. Are your keywords included in your Short and Long Descriptions? Have you totally filled in Dates, Awards, your Mission and Products? Are all your website links correctly displayed? This is a great time to freshen up this information and be sure it’s fully filled in.

Also, don’t forget to add in your location, and it will show up on an integrated map feature of Facebook.

 Tip: Encourage clients to Check In by offering a fun incentive!

Facebook timeline changes 2014

Utilize the Visual Space

Visuals are very important in our fast-paced world. Make sure your visuals can pass the 2-second rule (convey a message in the blink of an eye). The Timeline Cover image is sized at 851 px x 315 px, change it regularly. While you cannot have it directly link to an external page, you can add a link in the description. Use this space to announce special promotions or events.

Facebook timeline changes 2014

Your Profile Image is the image that will show up next to all of your posts and represents your company. Make sure it is succinct with your Timeline Cover and fits well in the space. The size of this image should be 180 px x 180 px.

Tab Cover images are another place where you can utilize the visual space, though they will soon be hidden under the More feature. Big brands take advantage of this visual real estate by customizing the images with their colors and fonts.


Activate These Features 

Facebook has been slowly rolling out a few other really neat features

  • Replies feature – under Manage Permissions
  • Pages to Watch – to see how the competition is doing
  • the ability to receive notifications – under Your Settings
  • keep track of who is posting on the page for your company  – automatic.

New Facebook Timeline Features

Some of the new features that are being rolled out with the new Timeline are a streamlined design that will make it easier for fans to find pertinent information, and for admins to have quick access to analytic tools.

Facebook timeline changes 2014

What features will you miss? What features will you embrace? Share them below!

8 comments on “How to Optimize Your Facebook Fan Page with the New Timeline

    • Hi Jamie,

      Thanks for reaching out. I actually have not been accepted yet for the new Timeline, so I don’t know the answer. Sorry! But, with the current Timeline you can go to Edit Page, then Use as [Your Page], I would guess the new Timeline will have a similar feature.

      Good luck!


  1. Would you be so kind as to tell me how you get that little Facebook “f in a square” logo on to a page to connect to your site (as you did below). Thank you

    • Hi Diane,

      It depends on what kind of website you have on the back end. I use WordPress and therefore have a plugin installed that will add my social buttons. Adding it to your site may be as easy as getting the icon, and linking to it like you would any other image. I have some icons you’re welcome to use. Feel free to email me at

      Good luck!


      • Hi Susan – thanks for the quick response. I was more thinking of how I could put the “little f” logo in an email. I use a program called Contribute to mess with my website, so maybe I could link it to that using the method that you suggest – but what about emails?

        • Ohh… I see. Ok, I have been able to create a signature in Gmail, and add in the logo then link to it with their WYSIWYG feature. There is also a program called WiseStamp that is easy to use, not sure if it works with all email programs or just Gmail, but you could certainly check it out.

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