Using Pinterest for Holiday Marketing to Wayfair, shoppers referred by Pinterest are 10% more likely to make a purchase than visitors who arrive from other social networks, including Facebook and Twitter. They’ll also spend 10% more on average.

Using Pinterest to help increase your holiday marketing potential can be a great way for your business to succeed this holiday season. Shoppers around the world create inspiration and got-to-have-it boards in order to keep track of gift ideas. Popular recipes, decorations and kid-inspired activities are typically some of the pins you will find on a holiday Pinterest board but any business can utilize Pinterest to get into the mind of a holiday shopper. Some great Pinterest marketing ideas to include on your business’ Pinterest board include:

Creating a “Gifts” Board on Pinterest

If consumers have a lot of family and friends to shop for you can help make it a bit easier for them by creating a “Gifts” board that gives them gift ideas. You can separate different boards into gift ideas for boys, girls, men, women, interests and different age brackets. This keeps items organized nicely and easy to view. Each item can have their own brief description underneath the photo and you can add a link to your online store.

Create a Pinterest Board of Customer Photos

The photos you have of your products on your website are usually professional quality and are set up to look the way you want them to. It’s sometimes a great idea to show your products out and about in the real world by way of your past customers. Consider making a board that shows happy customers with your product. Whether they are wearing your clothing or using your product in the kitchen, it’s great to see products out in the real world where its more practical than a photo shoot. You also get a lot of different coverage this way.

Use Rich Pins in Your Pinterest Marketing

A “Rich Pin’ on Pinterest allows prices and availability to be automatically featured once you have pinned something. These pins are ideal for Pinterest marketing ideas as a shopper gets a bunch of useful information all in one stop. Different rich pins are available through Pinterest and they include:

-Product Pins

These pins will showcase product price, product availability and the location of where you can purchase the product. If you pin the product you will get update emails when the item goes on sale.

-Recipe Pins

These pins show the ingredients needed for a certain recipe as well as the cooking instructions.

-Article Pins

These display the headline and story description of the article or blog post that was pinned.

-Movie Pins

Movie pins talk about the ratings, cast and information on a certain movie.

With so many people turning towards the internet to complete their holiday shopping it would be silly not to utilize Pinterest marketing ideas this holiday season to increase your earning potential.

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