How to Get More Website Traffic in Three Easy Steps

Getting more website traffic doesn’t take magic. And it isn’t particularly complicated. In fact, it can be done in three easy steps.

Content is King

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Getting people to view your web page starts with having something people will want to see, preferably in a format that is easy to digest.

The content of your website could be articles and essays, photos, videos, or any number of other things. A random spattering of things may seem like a good idea, mixing articles with funny photos and videos to keep people coming back, but without a theme, your website will not build a faithful following. Having people find your site is only the first step.

Just as in the restaurant and retail business, repeat customers are worth a lot more than stragglers. Think of how many times you go to your grocery store. That loyalty allows them to employ people. If you went to a different store each time you needed milk, it would cause a degree of economic chaos, with the grocer not being able to set a sales budget and having no idea how many people he could employ.

The same is true on the Internet, except the competition is much heavier. But still, you likely have your favorite websites that you check daily. You exhibit brand loyalty every time you check your Facebook or gmail.

And why do you check those things daily? Because you’re confident they’ll have the content you’re looking for.

tweetthistipContent is KING when it comes to attracting new website traffic.

Social Media

For the same reason that you may check Facebook, others do, too. Many also check Twitter, use Instagram, Google+, FourSquare, YouTube etc. Each social media site or app has its pros and cons and each can be used by business in different ways, but all for the same reason – to drive eyes to your content.

Social media for business is a means of marketing. Many business owners can do it themselves. Some hire public relations firms or social media marketing managers to do it for them. But the end game is to make the general public aware of what your website offers.

Just as in developing a website itself, there are many different strategies for social media marketing. Most social media specialists will tell you that regular updates are advisable – but don’t be too persistent. If you post more than a few updates a day, people may regard your feed as spam and unfriend or unfollow you. That’s less eyes on your message and less traffic to your website.

Don’t be afraid to interact with others on social media, as well. Posting things is great but if the communication is perceived as one-way, you could lose “friends” again.

tweetthistipUse #SocialMedia for attracting leads. Post often, but don’t overpost. 

Personalized Email Marketing

Good old-fashioned, homegrown email lists are still a great way to get the word out and remind previous customers to return for more. Consider creating a way for way for visitors to your website to sign up for an occasional email blast. You can even promote the email blast itself on your social media feeds.

Set up your lists for segmentation according to the interest of your visitors. If you have a variety of offerings (and most of us do!) think about your buyer personas and their specific interest in relation to your small business. Send personalized, targeted emails based on these interests for a higher than average open and response rate.

Make sure your emails are as informational and/or entertaining as your website itself. Also, don’t send them too frequently or you’ll find your emails relegated to the spam folder. Anything more than once a day is overdoing it. And unless your website content is updated numerous times a day, even a daily email blast may be too much.

tweetthistipSegment your email lists, be entertaining and helpful in content. #inboundmarketing

Give people something they want. Drive them there with social media. And invite them back with personalized email marketing. Three easy steps that have worked for a number of small businesses and can work for yours.

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