Quick Tips for Boosting Your Business With Pinterest

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Image by mkhmarketing.wordpress.com

Pinterest has grown from a fun internet past time to a formidable market tool that you can harness to get great exposure for you business…. especially if you are an ecommerce store! If you read my post 13 Steps for Getting Your Business Started on Pinterest, you may have gotten started with Pinterest integration and building your boards, already. This article is for you if you’re wondering what to do next.

Here my quick tips you can use to help you BOOST your Pinterest marketing.

  • Create boards for the different lines of your product. Don’t just throw everything onto the web page. Create themes or interests that have a unifying factor and then expand one it.
  • Be authentic with your Pinterest account. What I mean by this is show the things you really like and package them in a way you want them to be presented. If you’re inspired by a certain kind of era or theme then put it on your board and explain why you like it and how it influences you.
  • Do not just put everything you have on your account. It will give your account a chaotic look and there won’t be any room for expansion.  Marketing through Pinterest has a lot to do with the presentation of your account.
  • Create great graphics for your products, use your imagination and create attractive ads that incorporate your products into them. Use a program like PicMonkeyPhotoshop, Gimp, or Inkscape; both Gimp and Inkscape are free.
  • Absolutely use the Pin It button. Pinterest just announced The On Hover Pin It button which is just like the regular Pin It button, but it only shows up when a person mouses over an image on your site. You can place this button on blog posts, at the end of e-mails, on Facebook posts, in Twitter messages, on Google+ and in other social media messages. People can click on it to go to your site and see the photo associated with it and they can send the button to their friends and associates. This exponentially increases your exposure on the web because it’s the internet version of “telling two people who each told two people.”
  • Use Pinterest analytics to see what parts of your account people are viewing, this gives you an idea of what products are hot. You can also use a non-Pinterest site called TailwindApp.com (formerly Pinleague.com) to see how your marketing through Pinterest is going, who is the most active and influential, and other deep analysis of your Pinterest account.
  • Pin your videos, too. If you make how-to videos or videos that explain your product or allow people to make their own version of it then be sure and link to it from your Pinterest account. Likewise, you can attach a Pin It button to your video that will direct people to your site.
  • Create a Pin-It-To-Win-It contest on your site that allows people to add their ideas to a part of your site. The contest could be something of yours that inspires people to create something and put it on your site. Work around seasons and themes.
  • Build a thematic group board and invite other relevant brands to pin to it. You can submit it to the largest group boards directory on Pinterest here.

Consider your marketing through Pinterest as an investment in building worldwide links to people who are already interested in your product. People go to the accounts that have products or items that interest them and then they pass it along to fellow enthusiasts, all of them are potential clients.

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