25 Awesome Free Google Tools for Small Business Owners

Saving money and increasing the bottom line is the ultimate goal for a small business owner. Google+ embarked on a journey to provide excellent marketing tools and great apps that will keep your business flowing and ensure the smile stays on your face.

google apps by carlosjj
Google apps by carlosjj

Marketing and Operations

Google+ is a social networking tool and is an excellent marketing opportunity. Letting others add your brand page to their social circle is one way of getting the word out there. On the other hand, Google Offers works a lot like Groupon. Although this service is not globally available yet, it’s working great and will soon be expanding. It’s wise to increase your online presence and the Blogger can do that. Telling clients about your service offering is what marketing is all about.

Get your videos playing on YouTube completely free. Sharing videos is relatively easy and loading your video is completely free. One of the least tapped in tools is Google Places where you can literally place yourself on the map. This great marketing tool lets Google add your company in searches done on Google Maps. Another awesome tool is Google Custom Search Engine that can make navigation easier for your clients. This free Google+ tool makes it possible for clients to search content or words on your site or you can set the functionality to search the entire web.

A great way to see if you need to adjust your marketing strategy is Google Analytics which let you see what traffic your website generated and where it came from. Interestingly, you will also know where clients navigate to after they’ve been to your site.

Personal referrals through the addition of a Google+ 1 Button on your site give immediate ability to your clients to spread the word. Similar to the Facebook ‘like’ option, however a Google+ 1 button also increases your ranking in future searches on Google.

Office Operations

With Google Drive you can let users load, create, share and collaborate. Talk about a smooth production line where there are no limits to file sharing with the plus of collaborating your operations.

Email has proven to be a great communication tool and one that your business should not be without. Google give the completely free option of Gmail.

Helping in the operations area is the Google+ Calendar and Google+ Docs.  Google+ Hangouts is great for messaging, phone and video calls, while Google+ Sites allows the sharing of workspaces in your team.

Extra Revenue

Google AdWords is online advertising at its best. This is the Internet’s largest Pay Per Click program. It’s completely free to advertise and a fantastic marketing tool. Every penny counts, and what’s more is that another product named Google AdSense lets you generate an income every time a client clicks on one an ad featured on your site. It’s a win-win situation and it does not cost you a cent.

Additional Google+ Apps and programs perfectly formulated for the small business owner:

Vault – Don’t delete it. Archive is better.

Wallet – Secure and safe online purchases

Moderator – Information gathering from a group of people

Fusion Tables – Visualize, combine, host and share your data tables

Translate – No more awkward international communications

Picasa Web Albums – Share relevant graphics with your clients

Code – Development option with Google’s tools and API

Maps and Places – Get where you need to be and get clients to you

Apps script – JavaScript cloud scripting language for task automation

Given today’s fast paced society, it can be safe to say that more great Google+ apps are on its way.

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