Social Media Marketing Does Not Work

That’s right. I said it. Me, the social media junkie. Who knew, right?

Let me explain.

Idiet pills‘ve noticed my inbox has been filling lately with special deals and offers for “magic pills” or super-fancy, easy-to-do diets for weight loss. They all sound SO good with amazing before and after pictures and great testimonials. They get me all sucked in with their fancy graphics and buzz. I think, “If these things work for those guys, then it MUST work for me!”

So, I usually sign up for more info and half-heartedly use their program. After a few weeks, I don’t see any progress so I give up.

Sound familiar?

See, social media marketing is the same way. Everyone is talking about it. It’s the latest craze! It works for SO MANY other folks! It must be THE magic pill to take a small business to the next level! But… why isn’t it working for ME?

What folks are forgetting – kinda like I forget everytime I get sucked into those diet ads – is that there is no magic pill. Nothing is that easy and simple in life. And, it got me to thinking about the similarities of dieting and marketing. Here is what I came up with….

  • Taking care of your health is full time and requires work from a lot of angles. You exercise, take vitamins, drink plenty of water and get regular check ups.
  • Taking care of your business is full time and requires work from a lot of angles. You find the perfect products/services, get business cards, build a website, create a plan and constantly tweak and learn.

Note: not ONE thing, but several things to keep you AND your business healthy.

So, in an effort to put my money where my mouth is. Rather than to glom on to the latest deal-site magic pill in hopes that I would miraculously lose a couple of pounds in time for summer, I decided to change my diet + exercise more + drink more water + have my hormone levels checked + hunker down for a slow steady, life-changing journey.

Guess what? It works! I have lost 16+ lbs and am so motivated by my lifestyle change I’m going to keep at it. Not just for the weight loss but also for the health benefits of a holistic plan.

So, how is the marketing health of your business?

stethoscope health of your business

If you’re looking for the magic pill in the form of social media marketing for your business, it’s not going to work. However, if you take a holistic approach in your overall marketing strategy that INCLUDES social media, then success will come (don’t forget to be patient!)


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