A Social Media Junkie's Five Favorite Apps

[This article appeared in the March 2013 issue of App User Magazine.]

appusermagIt’s true; I am a social media junkie (aka, SMJ). I love the way social media allows us to stay connected. I love how I can access a barrage of information at any given moment. Yet, I also love time with my family. Being a SMJ has its pitfalls when it comes to finding SMJ/work/life balance.

That’s why knew I had to learn how to streamline my social media addiction.

Lucky for us all, the growth of mobile productivity apps has exploded in recent years and with a few simple and easy-to-use options, I can stay connected just about anywhere I am and no matter what I am doing. I want to check in on Twitter comments while watching my oldest play soccer. No problem! I’m a little paranoid that I’ll miss a hot trending topic that needs to be re-posted.  No worries!  Mobile apps are great like that. Plus, because these apps are so simple to use, checking in only takes me (have I mentioned I may also have a bit of A.D.D?) a second.

Here are my top five favorite user-friendly apps for checking in and managing multiple pages on the go.


Sprout SocialSproutSocial is an online brand management service that publishes to a variety of social media channels.

SproutSocial is the most important tool I use to help manage multiple pages with several social media platforms. It integrates with Twitter, Facebook Fan Pages, LinkedIn and other networks where consumers are engaging with businesses and brands. And it helps me keep track of trending topics. I use SproutSocial to schedule posts, grow audiences and distribute targeted messages. I can also view and provide custom reports. The dashboard feature is user-friendly and works well on my Mac or iPhone (also available for Android).

Cost: $39 per month for up to 10 profiles


Dropbox is a simple and elegant cloud-storage solution that is easy to use and integrates well with any number of devices.

Dropbox is AWESOME. I have lost files on my computer on more than one occasion (guess I’m “backup-external-hard-drive illiterate”). But after discovering the awesomeness of Dropbox, I am able to work from anywhere (the library computer, Hubby’s computer, my computer, my iPhone, my iPad). Also, I can access all my files, photos, videos and more.  Dropbox has set me free. I love cloud computing.

Cost: Free for up to 2GB (up to $49.99 per month for 500GB)


UpTo is calendar redefined for the social user.

I recently discovered UpTo as I was researching easy ways to keep track of all my calendars in one feed. With UpTo I am able to combine my Facebook calendar, my Google calendar, iCal, and public event calendars all in the same place. PLUS, I get to add-on things like random holidays, the lunar calendar, any variety of sport team calendars and more.

UpTo has a crisp design and a fun element to it. You can share from UpTo directly to your Facebook or Twitter feeds, use hashtags, follow public events and more. Never miss an event again!

COST: Free

Evernote screen shotEvernote

In short, Evernote is a memory app. It lets you take notes, sync files across your devices, save webpages, capture inspiration, and share your ideas with friends and colleagues.

Being that I’m easily distracted, I really need a way to keep track of all my random thoughts and webpages. No matter what device I’m on, I can quickly reference it later (or even remember that I took the note in the first place).

Evernote actually has a whole family of products that I have yet to tap into such as Penultimate (a handwriting app), Evernote Hello (to remember details about the people you meet), Evernote Food (for collecting notes on food) and so much more. All of the Evernote products were made with ME in mind. Thank you, Evernote.

Evernote works with nearly every computer, phone and mobile device out there.

Cost: Free

Lightt screen shotLightt

Lightt is not quite photos and not quite video but a whole new way to reflect and share what you see everyday.

The Lightt app for iPhone and iPad was launched last fall and has already grown to many users in over 70 countries and I personally think it’s the “next big thing.” Why? Because it is a really fun and visual way to share what is happening in your life. I have learned more about my long-distance friends and family by watching their Lightt stream than by reading their Facebook or Twitter updates. It’s visual, it’s polished and it shows you the world in a whole new way – like a flipbook! I’ve also learned a lot about different countries, foods and trends just by watching the Happening Now and Featured highlights. The Lightt app is totally cool!

Cost: Free

So, if you find yourself needing to connect while on the go, like I often do, I hope you’ll get some use out of these favorite mobile apps of mine.

What are YOUR favorite mobile apps? Let’s discuss on my Facebook wall.

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