Momentum Business Consulting

momentum business consultingI have been working with Mo for the past six months or so for my own personal business and recently she has invited me to manage her social media. So, welcome Momentum Business Consulting!

Momentum Business Consulting is a firm dedicated to providing affordable and realistic marketing consulting.  MBC specializes in helping small to medium size businesses build and execute strategic plans, launch new products, create avenues for new business and craft business models.  You won’t get a lot of trendy marketing hoo-ha there! MBC provides down to earth marketing plans that mesh with your company’s vision and can be straight forwardly executed – producing lasting results.

Find out more at or on these popular (hopefully Mo won’t call them “trendy”) social media sites:

Facebook, Twitter and our new LinkedIn Group, Marketing for Small Business Owners

“Wow! I went from 86 to 500+ (Twitter followers) in a matter of hours!  You rock!” – Maureen (Mo) Kanwischer