The Word on the Street

Hipcycle launched on October 1, 2011. I helped Hipcycle go from zero fans & followers to over 1200 on Twitter and to over 900 on Facebook in a few short months. As such, Facebook has continually been in the top five traffic sources for the website and Twitter in the top 10 sources.

Hipcycle is growing by leaps and bounds every day! Getting featured in magazines, newspapers and on blogs  – having a strong social media presence has helped!

“You truly rock.” – Andrew Sell, Chief Hipcycler, Hipcycle

I have been working with Ready for Recovery, helping on social media, PR and managing the newsletter. The RR social media following has increased by over 65% in the past year! I have also been able to help RR get onto blogs and in local media.

“The newsletter looks great!! You sure know how to GET IT DONE!! I love it, I’m psyched.” – Julie Grimm, Founder, Ready for Recovery

“Your email blast sold (a product)! Thanks Get Susan!” – Michael Tucker, Owner, Volt Pro Electric

“I have been quite pleased with your input and efforts.” – George Hanna, Owner, Los Oasis Grill & Cerveceria

“…. things are going very well with your efforts …” Jim Pruett, Owner, Pruett Publishing

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