7 Reasons You Need Google+ | Social Media Strategy

By Susan Tucker, Get-It-Done Guru, Get Susan Marketing Services

google +Why Google+?
7 Reasons You Need Google+ Business

Think Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn are enough?  Not really. Here are my seven reasons why you need to sign up for Google+ for your business … today!

  1. It’s new, it’s fresh, and it’s the more interesting place to be right now with less “noise.”
  2. The earlier you jump on board the easier it will be to build up your brand and connect to the millions of users who already use Google products.
  3. People search Google billions of times a day! It’s a no brainer for you to get your brand in the place where it’s most likely to pop up when users search your keywords.
  4. When searching for a brand on Google, simply add the + to the search and it will directly connect you with that brand’s Google+ page (again, don’t you want to be there?!)
  5. Google+ offers your business the opportunity to have deeper connections with your fan base. It’s easy to conduct Hangouts (live video chatting), share photos, links and videos. Conversations are easier to manage, instead of one long feed of responses; threads connect only what is relevant.
  6. Google Offers. Facebook Deals are gone, so this is a great way to offer deals and discounts to loyal patrons.
  7. Hashtags already in use will work on Google+ and there will be improved hashtag support.

Ready to get started? Click here to sign up. Don’t forget to add me to your circles!

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