How a Blog Can Help Your Business

Blog, December 2010
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Whether you’re just starting your small business, or are a veteran, you may consider adding a Blog to your website. Discover what blogging can do for you.

Blog is short for Weblog,  coined by Jorn Barger in 1997. defines the term as “a journal written online and accessible by users of the internet.”

As our marketing world evolves, consumer expectations are changing. Social media marketing has created an outlet for us to communicate directly with the businesses all around us. Static, one-way marketing has become archaic, relationship marketing has flourished. Wouldn’t you rather be talked to than talked at? Your customers would, too.

Not only are Blogs are a great way to help build these relationships, but it’s also in inexpensive platform in which you can share your expertise and easily update customers on your business happenings. Recently won an award? Share it on your Blog! Going to attend a Chamber function? Share it on your Blog!  The beauty of a Blog is that you can make it however you want.

And, as more and more social media sites are being added to the roster (I predict targeted social media sites), having a Blog as part of your website is even more important. Why? Because while these sites fragment, and audiences shift, you’ll still have total control of your content and can link it to more than one (or two) social media sites. Especially with the addition of applications created especially for this purpose.

Happy Blogging!

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