Get Found

Ads get blocked. Content gets shared. Get found online with an engaging content strategy that attracts new prospects.

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Get Conversions

Getting followed on social media is one thing, converting fans to sales is another.

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Get Results

Old school marketing took months to discover what worked, inbound marketing is agile and results-driven.

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Confused about the changing landscape of social media marketing?
Let me guide you! Get Socially Savvy is a hybrid ecourse-coaching program designed to help small businesses navigate social media marketing. Perfect for in-house marketers, wear-all-the-hats business owners, or anyone wanting a hands-on program that generates ROI from social media marketing.

Get Growing

Together we can work SMARTER, not harder!

I founded Get Susan Marketing LLC (in Boulder, Colorado) in 2010 as a way to follow my passion for helping with small and growing businesses navigate the changing world of digital marketing. I have immersed myself in the inbound marketing methodology because I believe consumers should not be “sold to” but that they should find value in brands that are providing the products and services they are seeking. It’s a more organic way of buying and selling. Online marketing, digital marketing and inbound marketing have changed dramatically over the past few years and it can be overwhelming to keep up with when you’re so busy running your small business. That’s why I am here to help!

I can help your business learn how to turn your website into a lead MAGNET and attract your target customers using the inbound marketing methodology that I am so passionate about. Techniques include blogging, social media marketing, content marketing and email marketing. It’s about building relationships every step of the way.